July 23, 2007
ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc.
NAICS 339100 - Medical Equipment Mfg.
The Company's subsidiary has developed the Sonotron Technology to treat subjects suffering from... Read More
ALCiS Health, Inc.
NAICS 325412 - Pharmaceuticals Mfg.
ALCiS has exclusively licensed certain technology from BioZone Laboratories, Inc. for its primary... Read More
Access Integrated Technologies, Inc.
NAICS 511210 - Software Publishers
The Company's intellectual property consists of licensable software products, including TDS, TDSG,... Read More
Aerogrow International, Inc.
NAICS 333112 - Garden Equipment Mfg.
The Company has spent over four years innovating, simplifying, combining and integrating numerous... Read More
Anpath Group, Inc.
NAICS 325612 - Disinfectants Mfg.
The Company has not applied for patent protection for its proprietary PCMX formulation or for its... Read More
Centale, Inc.
NAICS 511210 - Software Publishers
The Company has filed for registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office the names Catalyst... Read More
Cistera Networks, Inc.
NAICS 517919 - Telecommunications Services
In connection with the Company's merger with XBridge Software, Inc., the Company acquired all of... Read More
Cooper-Standard Automotive, Inc.
NAICS 336399 - Auto Parts Mfg.
The Company holds over 300 patents related to its products. The patents cover both products, such... Read More
Creator Capital Limited
NAICS 511210 - Games Publisher
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the Company federal registrations for Sky Play®... Read More
Crystal International Travel Group, Inc.
NAICS 561510 - Travel Agencies
The Company owns the domain names www.suntrips.com, www.snow-trips.com, www.snow-trips.net, www.snowtrips.net,... Read More
DND Technologies, Inc.
NAICS 334400 - Semiconductor Mfg.
The Company's registered United States patents, include: "Partial clean fluorine thermal cleaning... Read More
Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation
NAICS 324110 - Fuel Refineries
As of May 24, 2007, the Company’s key patent is protected in 11 countries, patent applications pending... Read More
e.Digital Corporation
NAICS 334310 - Video Equipment Mfg.
The Company has five issued U.S. patents covering its MicroOS file management software and certain... Read More
Epod Intenational, Inc.
NAICS 541710 - Electronics Research
The Company is engaged in development of a patent-pending electrical technology called the “Energy... Read More
Fearless International, Inc.
NAICS 336611 - Yacht Builder
The Company has filed two trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. However,... Read More
Genoil, Inc.
NAICS 211111 - Oil & Gas Exploration
Genoil has 10 patent applications under review in Canada, the United States, Venezuela, Brazil,... Read More
Image Entertainment, Inc.
NAICS 451220 - Video Stores
The Company has obtained U.S. federal registrations for the trademarks Image, Image Entertainment,... Read More
Insulet Corporation
NAICS 325412 - Pharmaceutical Products Mfg.
As of December 31, 2006, the Company had obtained 17 issued United States patents, and had 33 additional... Read More
Kyto Biopharma, Inc.
NAICS 541710 - Biotechnology
Kyto's patent strategy has been to develop an "umbrella" of patents protecting its core technology... Read More
Lingo Media, Inc.
NAICS 611710 - Educational Support Services
The Company owns the trademarks, Lingo Media, EnglishLingo and EnglishNihao, in Canada and China.... Read More
Mobilepro Corporation
NAICS 517210 - Wireless Telecommunications
The Company's NeoReach, Inc. subsidiary filed a total of eight patent applications with the U.S.... Read More
NoFire Technologies, Inc.
NAICS 325998 - Fire Retardant Products Mfg.
The Company's liquid formulas are covered by three United States Patents and corresponding patents... Read More
Oasys Mobile, Inc.
NAICS 511210 - Games Publisher
The Company has filed for five patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its locker... Read More
PCS Edventures!.com, Inc.
NAICS 611710 - Educational Support Services
The Company currently uses the trade names PCS & Design®, Academy of Learning™, Edventures!™, and... Read More
Pacific Land and Coffee Corporation
NAICS 445299 - Coffee Stores
The Company holds a license to the common law trademark Coscina Brothers Coffee.  [SEC Filing 10-KSB... Read More
Red Mile Entertainment, Inc.
NAICS 511210 - Software Publishers
The Company's intellectual property is in the form of software code, patented technology, and other... Read More
Repro-Med Systems, Inc.
NAICS 339100 - Medical Equipment Mfg.
On August 9, 2005, a patent was issued for a new mechanical variable flow rate controller. Used... Read More
Sonic Environmental Solutions, Inc.
NAICS 562910 - Remediation Services
Sonic’s Platform Technology is based on two patents, which were originally granted in the U.S. in... Read More
Timeline, Inc.
NAICS 533110 - Patent Licensing
The Company's patent portfolio consists of a total of 7 patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark... Read More

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