July 30, 2007
Aethlon Medical, Inc.
NAICS 339100 - Medical Equipment Mfg.
The Company currently owns or has license rights to a number of U.S. and foreign patents and patent... Read More
American Water Star, Inc.
NAICS 312100 - Beverage Mfg.
On January 1, 2003, the Company entered into a Trademark and Design License Agreement with Tanning... Read More
Atlantic Wine Agencies, Inc.
NAICS 312130 - Wineries
The Company's wines are sold under the trademarks Mount Rozier, Rozier Bay and Rozier Reef.  [SEC... Read More
AudioStocks, Inc.
NAICS 516110 - Internet Sites
The Company is in the process of filing the requisite paperwork to obtain a trademark in the United... Read More
Cicero, Inc.
NAICS 511210 - Software Publishers
The Company relies upon combinations of copyright, trademark and trade secrecy protections, along... Read More
Cogenco International, Inc.
NAICS 221112 - Power Generation
As of December 31, 2004, the Company's DMI BioSciences, Inc. subsidiary owned 11 patents and more... Read More
Cryoport, Inc.
NAICS 332439 - Containers Mfg.
The Company currently holds two issued U.S. trademarks and three issued U.S. patents primarily covering... Read More
Currie Technologies, Inc.
NAICS 339932 - Scooters Mfg.
The Company's unique Electro-Drive™ and US Pro Drive™ propulsion systems are protected by three... Read More
Cyberonics, Inc.
NAICS 334510 - Medical Devices Mfg.
The Company has an exclusive license agreement with Jacob Zabara, Ph.D., pursuant to which the Company... Read More
Gamma Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
NAICS 325412 - Pharmaceutical Mfg.
On April 7, 2006, the Company entered into a Technology Transfer Agreement pursuant to which it... Read More
I/Omagic Corporation
NAICS 334112 - Data Storage Equipment Mfg.
The Company currently relies on a combination of contractual rights, copyrights, trademarks and... Read More
IMAX Corporation
NAICS 334220 - Video Equipment Mfg.
The Company’s inventions cover various aspects of its proprietary technology and many of these inventions... Read More
Igia, Inc.
NAICS 325620 - Toiletries Mfg.
Most of the Company's products are branded with its own trademarks, including IGIA. Pursuant to... Read More
Innovative Software Technologies, Inc.
NAICS 511210 - Software Publishers
The Company has filed one patent application entitled "System and Method for Providing Business... Read More
Iridex Corporation
NAICS 339100 - Medical Equipment Mfg.
The Company relies on a combination of patents, trade secrets, copyright and trademark laws, nondisclosure... Read More
Landry's Restaurants, Inc.
NAICS 722110 - Restaurants
The Company has registered Landry’s Seafood House, Joe’s Crab Shack, Rainforest Cafe, Chart House,... Read More
Laureate Education, Inc.
NAICS 611710 - Educational Support Services
The Company currently owns the registered trademark for the word “Laureate.” The Company has registered... Read More
Level 3 Communications, Inc.
NAICS 513310 - Telecommunications
The Company has developed an extensive patent portfolio, consisting of approximately 800 patents... Read More
MagnaChip Semiconductor LLC
NAICS 334400 - Semiconductor Mfg.
As of March 1, 2007, the Company's portfolio of intellectual property assets included approximately... Read More
Modavox, Inc.
NAICS 516110 - Internet Sites
The Company owns a proprietary software technology that is utilized to create the BoomBox platform... Read More
OBN Holdings, Inc.
NAICS 515120 - Television Broadcasting
The Company currently has the rights to over 750 intellectual properties, some of which were purchased... Read More
PHLO Corporation
NAICS 312000 - Beverage Mfg.
The Company develops products which are proprietary (patented and patent-pending) through the use... Read More
Perry Ellis International, Inc.
NAICS 315900 - Apparel Mfg.
The Company's material trademarks include Perry Ellis, Perry Ellis Portfolio, Axis, Tricots St... Read More
RG Global Lifestyles, Inc.
NAICS 333319 - Water Purification Equipment Mfg.
The Company owns the trademarks Aquair, OC Energy, KIK-IT, KIK-IT Diet, Insane, and 02. As part... Read More
Remedent, Inc.
NAICS 339114 - Dental Equipment & Supplies Mfg.
In October 2004, the Company acquired the exclusive, perpetual license to two issued United States... Read More
Rival Technologies, Inc.
NAICS 324110 - Petroleum Refineries
In May, 2005, Rival filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office... Read More
Sense Technologies, Inc.
NAICS 334310 - Video Equipment Mfg.
The Company has registered patent rights for the Guardian Alert® Doppler Awareness System backing... Read More
Somanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
NAICS 541710 - Biotechnology
The Company currently owns one patent that relates to Alchemix, together with its foreign counterpart... Read More

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