November 19, 2007
AFV Solutions, Inc.
NAICS 336322 - Fuel Systems Manufacturing
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company owns, as a result of an IP Agreement, the trademark Bed & Biscuit Inn™, which is registered... Read More
Advanced Medical Institute, Inc.
NAICS 621410 - Fertility Clinics
Event: Loss/Deficit
In 2003, the Company's Intelligent Medical Technologies Pty Limited subsidiary was granted the exclusive... Read More
AlfaCell Corp.
NAICS 541710 - Biotechnology
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company has sought to protect technology by applying for, and obtaining, patents and trademark... Read More
Cognigen Networks, Inc.
NAICS 519130 - Internet Sites
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company uses a network of independent agents and affiliate groups, each utilizing their own... Read More
DanaPC.Com, Inc.
NAICS 519130 - Internet Sites
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company's web site is copyrighted and it regards copyrights and similar intellectual property... Read More
Eagle Broadband, Inc.
NAICS 517919 - Internet Service Providers
Event: Bankruptcy
The Company protects its proprietary technology through a combination of trade secrets, non-disclosure... Read More
Empirical Ventures, Inc.
NAICS 561510 - Travel Agencies
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has made an application for trademarks in Canada and the United States. The Company... Read More
Fit for Business International, Inc.
NAICS 713940 - Fitness Centers
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company's "Fit For Business" logo was trademarked and registered in Australia on October 15,... Read More
Grand Toys International Limited
NAICS 339932 - Toys Manufacturing
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company's Hua Yang Holdings Co., Limited, subsidiary owns a utility patent in the U.S. on a... Read More
Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc.
NAICS 336411 - Aircraft Mfg.
Event: Default
The Company presently owns several patents that relate to collective pitch and flight controls... Read More
Hemcure, Inc.
NAICS 334310 - Audio Equipment Mfg.
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company has 29 issued US patents covering the design and technical innovations found in its... Read More
Hybrid Fuels, Inc.
NAICS 325193 - Ethanol Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has not patented any of its proprietary technologies, on the advice of legal counsel.... Read More
Integrated Security Systems, Inc.
NAICS 334290 - Security Systems Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Intelli-Site® software product, designed and developed by its Intelli-Site, Inc. subsidiary,... Read More
Intellect Neurosciences, Inc.
NAICS 541710 - Biotechnology
Event: Default
The Company has licensed intellectual property, including patents, patent applications and know-how,... Read More
International Automated Systems, Inc.
NAICS 334290 - Security Systems Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has been assigned or will be assigned the rights to 16 U.S. patents. A patent granted... Read More
M-Wave, Inc.
NAICS 334412 - Circuit Boards Mfg.
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company has developed the Flexlink™ process, the bonding of materials with dissimilar coefficients... Read More
NanoViricides, Inc.
NAICS 541710 - Biotechnology
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has an exclusive license in perpetuity for technologies developed by TheraCour Pharma,... Read More
Naturewell, Inc.
NAICS 325412 - Pharmaceutical Products Mfg.
Event: Default
Proprietary protection for the Company's products, processes, and know-how is important to the Company's... Read More
Neptune Industries, Inc.
NAICS 112519 - Aquaculture
Event: Audit Concerns
The catalyst to the Company's business model is its leading-edge technologies which include the... Read More
OptiCon Systems, Inc.
NAICS 511210 - Software Publishers
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company's intellectual property consists of all intellectual property related to the Opticon... Read More
Orbitz Worldwide, Inc.
NAICS 561510 - Travel Agency
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company's success and ability to compete depend upon its technology and other intellectual property.... Read More
Quintek Technologies Limited
NAICS 561110 - Management Services
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company’s primary business focus and source of revenue is sales of hardware, software and service... Read More
SmartMetric, Inc.
NAICS 334119 - Biometric Systems Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
On August 1, 2004, SmartMetric entered into a license agreement with Applied Cryptography, Inc.,... Read More
TRB Systems International, Inc.
NAICS 336991 - Bicycles Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
ABL Properties Co., owns patents of the Natural Motion Technology (NMT) which covers the speed change... Read More
Vonage Holdings Corp.
NAICS 517110 - Telecommunications
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company conducts substantial ongoing technology development to continually strengthen its network... Read More
Vyta Corp.
NAICS 311119 - Animal Feeds Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has developed, and continues to work towards new modifications to, its beta glucan manufacturing... Read More
eLuxuryHouse, Inc.
NAICS 448310 - Jewelry Stores
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company owns the domain name and relies on a combination of trade secret protections,... Read More
flexSCAN, Inc.
NAICS 541512 - Information Mgt. Services
Event: Audit Concerns
flexSCAN has applied for a patent of the wellness360 economic model, which is currently pending... Read More

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