November 26, 2007
Air Media Now!, Inc.
NAICS 511210 - Software Publishers
Event: Audit Concerns
Air Media Now!, Inc. provides a complete line of wireless devices, content and web services that... Read More
Ampex Corporation
NAICS 334220 - Video Cameras Mfg.
Event: Default
The Company currently holds approximately 450 patents and patent applications covering digital image... Read More
Biofield Corp.
NAICS 334510 - Medical Equipment Mfg.
Event: Default
On July 27, 2007, Biofield Corp. signed a master license agreement with MacKay Group Limited. Pursuant... Read More
Biomass Processing Technology, Inc.
NAICS 311119 - Animal Feed Manufacturing
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has developed proprietary technology for the processing of biomass. On May 18, 2004,... Read More
CyberDefender Corp.
NAICS 511210 - Software Publishers
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company's software is proprietary and it protects the software technology by relying on a combination... Read More
Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.
NAICS 333319 - Water Purification Equipment
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company's intellectual property includes a portfolio of registered and pending patents, trademarks,... Read More
Environmental Tectonics Corp.
NAICS 511210 - Software Publishers
Event: Default
The Company presently holds two patents which are deemed significant to its operations, including... Read More
Eugene Science, Inc.
NAICS 541710 - Biotechnology
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company regards its technology as proprietary and protects it by relying on patent, trademark,... Read More
Garb Oil & Power Corporation
NAICS 325991 - Waste Recovery Services
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has received two United States patents on the OTR Tire Disintegrator System design... Read More
Golfgear International, Inc.
NAICS 339920 - Golf Equipment Mfg.
Event: Bankruptcy
The Company sells a full line of patented metal woods and irons marketed under various names, including... Read More
Hines Horticulture, Inc.
NAICS 111421 - Plant Nurseries
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company's product sourcing and development yield unique plant varieties, which are marketed... Read More
Integrated Micrometallurgical Systems, Inc.
NAICS 332812 - Metal Coating Services
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company utilizes a proprietary technology called NeoMetx™ for its coating process. NeoMetx™... Read More
Intermost Corp.
NAICS 511210 - Software Publishers
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company relies on patent protection, as well as trademark and copyright law, trade secret protection... Read More
Lifesciences Opportunities, Inc.
NAICS 541611 - Administrative Services
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company's Dr. TATTOFF LLC subsidiary owns the registered trademark, Dr. TATTOFF, and licenses... Read More
Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems, Inc.
NAICS 339100 - Medical Equipment Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company currently holds three U.S. patents with respect to both overall design and specific... Read More
On The Go Healthcare, Inc.
NAICS 443120 - Computer Stores
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has registered one trademark in Canada for "On the Go." The registered trademark is... Read More
Quepasa Corp.
NAICS 519130 - Internet Sites
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company creates, owns and maintains a wide array of intellectual properties that are valuable... Read More
Reg Technologies Inc.
NAICS 333618 - Engine Manufacturing
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company has patents on the Rand Cam Engine for Canada, Mexico and the United States. U.S. patent... Read More
SendTec, Inc.
NAICS 541613 - Marketing Services
Event: Default
The Company has filed applications for registration of the trademarks  SearchFactz™ and iFactz™.... Read More
Signet International Holdings, Inc.
NAICS 512110 - Movie Production
Event: Loss/Deficit
On April 20, 2007, the Company entered into a new purchase agreement with Freehawk for 100% of the... Read More
Sonic Environmental Solutions, Inc.
NAICS 562910 - Remediation Services
Event: Audit Concerns
The Coompany's Platform Technology is based on two patents, which has a number of key design claims... Read More
Sputnik, Inc.
NAICS 511210 - Software Publishers
Event: Loss/Deficit
“Sputnik” is a registered trademark for computer hardware and software for use in providing Internet... Read More
Tissera, Inc.
NAICS 541710 - Biotechnology
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company entered into a Research and License Agreement with Yeda Research and Development Company... Read More
WHX Corporation
NAICS 551112 - Holding Company
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company's Handy &  Harman subsidiary owns a number of  trademarks and patents on its products... Read More
Wolverine Tube, Inc.
NAICS 331421 - Metal Fabrication
Event: Low Rating
The Company owns a number of trademarks and patents on its products and related manufacturing processes... Read More
e-Smart Technologies, Inc.
NAICS 334119 - Biometric Systems Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has continued to develop and refine its extensive portfolio of intellectual property... Read More

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