February 4, 2008
Ariel Way, Inc.
NAICS 541618 - Consulting Services
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company regards certain aspects of its products, processes, services and technology as prop... Read More
BioPure Corp.
NAICS 325414 - Pharmaceuticals Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company actively seeks patent protection both in the United States and abroad.  The Company... Read More
Brooklyn Cheesecake & Desserts Company, Inc.
NAICS 311520 - Frozen Dessert Mfg.
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company's JMS subsidiary has registered trademarks with the United States Patent and Tradem... Read More
Cable & Co. Worldwide, Inc.
NAICS 551114 - Holding Companies
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company relies on a combination of trade secrets, trademark law, contractual provisions, co... Read More
Cancer Therapeutics, Inc.
NAICS 541710 - Biotechnology
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company has proprietary processes or methods of growing and activating cells.  The propriet... Read More
Clean Power Technologies Inc.
NAICS 541330 - Engineering Services
Event: Loss/Deficit
On October 11, 2006, Mitsui Babcock Energy Limited, now Doosan Babcock, entered into a formal a... Read More
Conectisys Corporation
NAICS 334514 - Counting Device Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company currently relies on a combination of contractual rights, copyrights, trademarks and... Read More
Gemco Minerals, Inc.
NAICS 213112 - Mineral Properties Exploration
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Firstline Recovery Systems, Inc., continues in the busin... Read More
Global Motorsports Group, Inc.
NAICS 441110 - Car Dealers
Event: Section 363 Sales
"Custom Chrome," "RevTech," "Bullskins," "Tour Ease," "Premium," "C.C. Rider," "Dyno Power," "M... Read More
Global Payment Technologies, Inc.
NAICS 333313 - Cash Machines Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company holds 10 U.S. patents that cover technology used in its validator product lines whi... Read More
Gottaplay Interactive, Inc.
NAICS 516110 - Internet Game Sites
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company uses a combination of copyright, trade secret laws and confidentiality agreements t... Read More
HSW International, Inc.
NAICS 519130 - Internet Publishing
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company has the exclusive license for the translation and publication in China and Brazil o... Read More
IdeaEdge, Inc.
NAICS 522320 - Transactions Processing
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has secured an exclusive license from FremantleMedia North America, Inc., to conduc... Read More
Magnum d'Or Resources, Inc.
NAICS 562000 - Waste Mgt.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has acquired licensing rights to a number of patents that allow rubber to be devulc... Read More
Monumental Marketing, Inc.
NAICS 550000 - Mgt. Of Companies
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has entered into a letter of undertaking and an escrow services agreement with Mr.... Read More
MyStarU.com, Inc.
NAICS 516110 - Internet Sites
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company invests regularly in copyrights covering programming rights for motion pictures, th... Read More
Octillion Corp.
NAICS 333414 - Solar Cells Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
On August 25, 2006, through its Sungen Energy, Inc. wholly-owned subsidiary, the Company entere... Read More
Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
NAICS 541710 - Biotechnology
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company has filed a patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty at the Israel Pa... Read More
PPT Vision, Inc.
NAICS 333000 - Industrial Equipment Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company relies on a combination of patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret laws to es... Read More
Pegasus Wireless Corp.
NAICS 517212 - Wireless Communications
Event: Bankruptcy
The Company has applied and been awarded patents,  based on the Company's spread spectrum recei... Read More
Pop N Go, Inc.
NAICS 333311 - Automatic Vending Machine Mfg.
Event: Default
The Company's patented Pop N Go Hot Air Popcorn Vending Machine is a unique hot air based popco... Read More
Radiant Energy Corp.
NAICS 325998 - Deicing Equipment Mfg.
Event: Restructuring
In 1993, Radiant started the research and development of the InfraTek system, which is used for... Read More
SheerVision, Inc.
NAICS 339100 - Medical Equipment Mfg.
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company currently offers two portable headlight systems: the Original FireFly LED™, and the... Read More
SpatiaLight, Inc.
NAICS 334419 - Electronic Component Mfg.
Event: Bankruptcy
The Company currently has five U.S. patents and has other U.S. and international patent applica... Read More
Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc.
NAICS 326299 - Sponge Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company's cleaning products for vehicular use utilizes patented technology relating to spon... Read More
Superclick, Inc.
NAICS 518111 - Internet Services
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company protects intellectual property through filing of patent applications and the mainte... Read More
Typhoon Touch Technologies, Inc.
NAICS 334119 - Computer Equipment Mfg.
Event: Loss/Deficit
On June 5, 2007, the Company signed an agreement to purchase U.S. patent application nos. 5,379... Read More
UpSNAP, Inc.
NAICS 517200 - Wireless Communications
Event: Audit Concerns
On June 1, 2005, the Company received an assignment from Alto Ventures, Inc. of its technology... Read More
WinWin Gaming, Inc.
NAICS 511210 - Games Publisher
Event: Bankruptcy
The Company uses proprietary software code, content (i.e., the audio and visual elements of the... Read More
ZVUE Corp.
NAICS 512120 - Video Distribution
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company filed a U.S. provisional patent application in November 2004.  Patent Cooperation T... Read More
icefloe Technologies, Inc.
NAICS 333415 - Refrigeration Equipment Mfg.
Event: Bankruptcy
icefloe® has been at the leading edge in developing innovative and proprietary flash chilling a... Read More

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