February 11, 2008
Anavex Life Sciences Corp.
NAICS 541710 - Biotechnology
Event: Audit Concerns
On January 31, 2007, the Company purchased from Dr. Alexandre Vamvakides intellectual property... Read More
Applied DNA Sciences, Inc.
NAICS 621511 - Medical Laboratories
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company's patent pending encryption system allows it to isolate strands of botanical  DNA a... Read More
B2 Health, Inc.
NAICS 339113 - Medical Eqpt. Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has been issued a federal trademark registration for Backroller™.  The Backroller I... Read More
Blue Frog Mobile, Inc.
NAICS 517210 - Wireless Telecommunications
Event: Bankruptcy
The Company has filed applications for registration of the trademarks Blue Frog Media™, txtv™,... Read More
Champion Parts, Inc.
NAICS 336312 - Fuel Systems Mfg.
Event: Bankruptcy
On November 6, 2006, the Company acquired from TAP Holdings LLC, doing business as Tomco Auto P... Read More
NAICS 334400 - Semiconductor Mfg.
Event: Bankruptcy
The Company protects its inventions with domestic and international patents.  Patents that are... Read More
El Pollo Loco, Inc.
NAICS 722110 - Restaurants
Event: Low Rating
The Company has registered the names El Pollo Loco, Pollo Bowl and certain other names used by... Read More
Ford Motor Company
NAICS 336111 - Automobile Mfg.
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company owns or holds licenses to use numerous patents, copyrights and trademarks on a glob... Read More
Global Environmental Energy Corp.
NAICS 211111 - Oil and Gas Exploration
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has formulated patent applications and has the trademark protection for the Biosphe... Read More
Hemagen Diagnostics, Inc.
NAICS 339100 - Medical Equipment Mfg.
Event: Loss/Deficit
Hemagen acquired a patent protected rotor-based technology for use in the Analyst in 1998.  The... Read More
Inzon Corporation
NAICS 517212 - Telecommunications
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company is dependent on the proprietary software it developed and owned for the specific wo... Read More
Majesco Entertainment Company
NAICS 511210 - Software Games Publisher
Event: Audit Concerns
Most of the Company's titles are based on rights, licenses and properties, including copyrights... Read More
Mobiventures, Inc.
NAICS 511210 - Software Publisher
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company owns intellectual property rights relating to Tracebit’s games and entertainment ap... Read More
NextGen Bioscience Inc.
NAICS 541710 - Biotechnology
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company seeks to protect its novel compounds, drug discovery programs and proprietary techn... Read More
NoFire Technologies, Inc.
NAICS 325998 - Fire Retardant Products Mfg.
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company's liquid formulas are covered by three United States Patents and corresponding pate... Read More
Panglobal Brands, Inc.
NAICS 315000 - Apparel Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company owns the trademark “Hauteur Mynk” and has applications pending for the balance of i... Read More
Power Air Corp.
NAICS 334413 - Fuel Cell Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company holds rights to the zinc air fuel cell (ZAFC) technology pursuant to a limited excl... Read More
Protected Vehicles, Inc.
NAICS 336992 - Armored Vehicles Mfg.
Event: Bankruptcy
The Company launched its ShieldAll™ product in 2006, a breakthrough in multi-hit capable armor... Read More
Royaltech Corp.
NAICS 541710 - Biotechnology
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company has obtained the non-exclusive right to manufacture and market four clinical diagno... Read More
SAND Technology, Inc.
NAICS 511210 - Software Publishers
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company currently relies primarily on a combination of copyright and trademark laws, patent... Read More
NAICS 484121 - Relocation Services
Event: Bankruptcy
The Company has registered the marks SIRVA®, northAmerican®, Allied®, Relocation Redefined®, Ho... Read More
Sionix Corporation
NAICS 333319 - Water Treatment Systems
Event: Audit Concerns
The Company holds eight U.S. patents on technology incorporated into the Elixir water treatment... Read More
TRB Systems International Inc.
NAICS 336991 - Bicycle Mfg.
Event: Loss/Deficit
ABL Properties Co., a company controlled by Pres., CEO & CFO Byung Yim, owns patents relating t... Read More
Visualant, Inc.
NAICS 561620 - Security Systems Services
Event: Audit Concerns
During 2007, the Company filed additional patents covering work that RatLab LLC performed.  The... Read More
Wataire International, Inc.
NAICS 333319 - Water Generator Mfg.
Event: Audit Concerns
On April 25, 2007, the Company entered into an agreement with Ecosafe, Canadian Dew Technologie... Read More
Xpention Genetics, Inc.
NAICS 541710 - Biotechnology
Event: Loss/Deficit
The Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Xpention, Inc., has entered into a Patent and Technology... Read More

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